Janus Tech Services specializes in tool design, design reviews, T&D analysis, tubing movements, drafting, standard operating procedures, best practices, and job reporting calculators and tools. Call on Janus Tech Services to be your engineering team during lean times.  We are experts in oil field tools focused on completion and production operations.

Tool failure is common in oil and gas applications. Janus Tech Services has the expertise to dissect the tool and find the root cause of the failure. Depending on needs, the failure report can be extensive for expert witnessing or simplified for internal documentation.
With 10 years of quick turnaround design engineering, Janus Tech Services is a reliable expert for small companies in need of engineering representation. Tool designs can range from simple to complex in the completion and production markets.
The applications engineer performs tubing movements, torque and drag analysis, operational overviews, and makes sure the correct tool is being used in the application. Janus Tech Services helps you ensure proper tool selection.
Inconsistencies in engineering drawings and manufacturing can be detrimental to your company’s operations. Janus Tech Services documents revisions and maintains communication with manufacturing to ensure that operations has the correct tools.


The founder of Janus Tech Services, Shane Larisey, is a licensed professional in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on Mechanical Systems and Materials. Mr. Larisey has the knowledge and background to determine the correct design for the application. Consult with Janus from the planning phase through completion. We are experts in tool design for production, completion, liner hangers, and cementation. Janus has patents pending for tool designs and has the capabilities to customize hardware for optimal efficiency.

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Janus Tech Services bridges the gap between O&G operators and service companies. Utilize our expertise to mitigate risk in all stages of well operations. Our process commences with a technical discussion about the operation and the application of current services. Janus then performs an analysis and provides an engineered solution to optimize efforts. In the event of a problem, Janus can act as an unbiased third party that will review the failure to help reach a resolution as soon as possible. Call on Janus for the betterment of the well, and your company.

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Tap into the collective knowledge base of our business development team. We contract as technical representatives so your company has less overhead. We also offer training courses for current staff and consult with operators at all stages of the well process. Janus works with service companies and can tailor a team to fit the specific needs of most projects. Janus also has access to affordable completion tools that maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality. Utilize our business development resources to stay profitable in lean times and position your company for long term success.

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